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Pullout Strength of Non-Pestressed Bent Strands (shown better)

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Here are some questions about the pullout strength of strand.
This technique has sometimes been used to strip precast concrete 
 flat slabs from the mold.
(See "Pullout Capacity of Non-Prestressed Bent Strands...", 
   July-August 2002 PCI Journal.)

1) Does only embedment length L1+L2 affect the pullout strength?
 How about the concrete strength? 
2) How can L2 affect the pullout strength (Breakout Strength, ACI-02) 
 of concrete?  Can't I apply cone failure concept here?
 How much concrete cover L2 do I need?
 This paper shows 6" and 10". How about 3" or 4"?
3) If I add a straight bar around bend area, how much does it help?
 How can I decide which rebar (#4, 5, or 6) I need?
4) How can I apply the concept of bonding strength 
 betweeen strand and concrete?  How can L1 bond strength help 
 pullout strength?
5) If I use regular mild reinforcement (#3 or 4), can I apply this
method also?

 ----------------- l------------------------- top concrete slab
                 L2  l

Best regards,

****Wontae Kim****

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