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RE: NCEES Structural II / California SE exam References oldcodes

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"1-I am not sure how this discussion got steered to the "Alternate methods and Material of Construction" That section of UBC and IBC has nothing to do with which code you can choose to use."

Not necessarily, see your second point:

"2-The Alternate Methods section is cited by designers when they opt to deviate from the letter of the code, and have to establish equivalency to the prescriptive provisions and get approval from the Building Official on a case by case basis."

The argument that is made, then, is that you are deviating from the letter of the code with an equivalent procedue, which just happens to be a newer version of that same code.  As you point out though, it is up to the building official to accept or not to accept this.  Many are happy to accept what they believe to be a more up to date procedure that comes with the approval of the code body behind it, but many are not, and there is no obligation on their part to do so.  I would venture to say that the more minor the change you are trying to use, the better your chances.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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