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Steel Detailing Charges

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On a recent project there were some changes made during construction and
the Contractor has a valid claim for the changes to the steel work.  The
problem is that the Steel Detailer's part of the claim appears to be way
out of proportion to the amount of work.  As an example, when the elevation
of the base plate changes the same amount in 10 similar columns they claim
80 hours.  The detailer justifies this by presenting a list of seventeen
steps that they go through in making and checking each change and listing
listing the time for each step.  In this manner they justify 8 hours to
change one column and then claim they repeat this process for each column. 
 This approach can create a situation where the size of the claim for
relatively simple changes is way out of proportion to the total detailing

 We appreciate the need for the steel detailer to work carefully but we
find these hours difficult to justify, to put it mildly.  We would expect
that after the first column was revised that the subsequent hours per
column would be significantly reduced.  Remember we are changing the
elevation of the base plate but leaving the base plate detail alone.  The
problem is that challenging these hours appears to be difficult and the
detailer tends to be fairly successful with this approach.  I have seen
this happen on several projects over the years.

Has anybody had success in challenging these claims and identifying the
real costs and if so what has your strategy been.

Mark Gilligan

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