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RE: Anchor Bolt Embedments for Ordinary Moment Frame

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Title: Anchor Bolt Embedments for Ordinary Moment Frame
I think that what you want to do is to lap the reinforcing bars inside the failure plane of the concrete.  In AISC's Design Guide #7, it provides a method for sizing the development length of the reinforcing bar inside the failure plane beginning on page 37.

Andy Heigley

Dublin, Ohio 

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Subject: Anchor Bolt Embedments for Ordinary Moment Frame

I am currently designing foundations for an ordinary moment frame as per the 2000 IBC. The pullout on the anchor bolts is requiring excessive embedment lengths. I am proposing to tie the anchor bolts to the reinforcing in the pier or footing by supplying additional rebar to run across 6" x 6" plate washers tacked to the bolt head. It seems that this should mitigate the excessive embedment lengths (which are calculated based upon the shear cone method as per AISC Design Guide #7), however, I cannot locate any literature to confirm (or refute) this methodology. If anyone has any knowledge of this type of construction, I would greatly appreciate the benefit of your assistance, or if any know of any published literature on the subject, I would like to learn of it. Thanks for your assistance.

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