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Re: misc. thoughts

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I have also designed basement walls laterally, depending upon the dimensions.
Domenic DeAngelo
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Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 12:12 PM
Subject: misc. thoughts

Does anyone ever design basement walls to span horizontally, like a box-culvert or tunnel, to where the side walls brace the walls that are perpendicular? I was just thinking that this would result in smaller footings then cantilvered retaining walls. Also you would not have the issue of using the floor diaphragm to brace the tops of the walls. Perhaps another option could be to design it as simply supported and design a beefy tie beam at the T.O. wall. I realize this would not work with long spans as deflection and bending would become problems. If the span got up there maybe you could use a steel beam or HSS to span at the T.O. wall to cross brace each other in compression......
Use a channel flange bigger then the pipe, and the treads brace channels. Also it seems pretty common to call out for the steel fabricator or specialty engineer to design those, since they have off the shelf designs for those because they are so common.
CMU beam in Torsion:
If architecturally possible, why not use a CIP concrete beam? A lot easier to make work then using a CMU lintel. Perhaps you can get the architect to use a CMU cladding product if the block is exposed. You could use CIP concrete tie columns at the bearings to resolve the torsion.

Andrew kester, PE

 Longwood, FL  32750