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Re: Steel Detailing Charges

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In response to a few comments:
I do not believe the large number of hours is the result of 3D software
since I have seen the same process occur prior to computer detailing.

Similar to Gary Hodgson  the changes are ones we believe that we could make
ourselves in under an hour.  If a fab shop manager of engineering can come
to a similar conclusion then I have difficulty believing it is only our
lack of insight.

I can understand the process "draw, check/change per approval,check, back
check,copy check, and scrub" but even in that context the hours are hard to
understand given the fact that the changes are essentially identical on
multiple members yet the owner gets charged the same unit rate for each
member change.  I would expect the detailer to pull the drawings for half a
dozen members at a time, sort it out for one member,  verify that the
others are the same, make the all changes at one time (this might even
improve consistency), and pass it along to the checker who could check the
several members at one time.  Instead the owner gets charged the same flat
rate for each member as if it was processed in isolation to all others.  

Yes we can appreciate the disruption that changes cause.  We spend enough
time dealing with disruptions by others so we appreciate that the cost
might be more than would seem logical.  The problem is when the charges are
so out of proportion.

By breaking the process down into 17 steps and then assigning high but not
impossible hours to each step you can get significant hours.  Then you
multiply this unit cost by the total number of members ignoring any
efficiencies.  Having seen the same pricing strategy years before it is
clear that this is one of those "tricks of the trade" that are passed from
one detailer to another.  There might even be somebody out there who
periodically gives a seminar on how to get more money for changes.  Thus I
am supprised that nobody else has experienced this situation before.

The goal here is to arrive at a fair cost and not use these changes as a
way to make a killing.

Mark Gilligan

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