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Concrete Chutzpa

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Fellow Engineers:
Here is my latest example of chutzpa, but you have to
read to the last paragraph: 

The owner of a small dwelling hired me assess a
cracked and settled 4 ft section of foundation (3
block stem wall and 8"x16" plain concrete footing) and
recommend a fix. The cause was a close-by rainwater
downspout that washed out the soil beneath the
footing. My report recommended replacing the damaged
section of footing & block and replace with new.

The owner then hired a local concrete guy who did his
thing - he poured a yard of concrete in front of the
inside face of the footing to "encapsulate and
underpin" it. Of course his was the least expensive

A potential buyer of this house was given my report
(because of disclosure rules in NJ)and asked the owner
that I evaluate what the concrete guy did. The owner
then told me to write a letter stating this fix is OK,
or else the sale would be held up! He also blurted
that the concrete guy's fix was better than mine.  



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