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Q: Effect of Jacking on Concrete Beam

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Just want to make sure I'm thinking straight on this one.
We've got a beam to repair where someone interposed a masonry wall about a third of the way along the span. The beam "rested" on the wall. The resulting shear helped to crack the beam web in a classic horizontal tension-field manner.
Anyway, prior to repairing I want to jack up the beam at a single point, so that the repair will see at least some DL shear effect after it is in place and jacking force released. (I admit maybe I'm on the wrong track here so comment if you are so inclined).
In determining the shear values for the jacking , versus the "unjacked" state, what load factors are appropriate to use? I'm inclined at first blush to apply the factor for live load in a particular combination equation, but upon further reflection this seems excessive since the load is being applied in a deliberate, controlled manner. In fact, I'm inclined to consider a load factor of 1.0, similar to the effect of post-tensioning when analyzed as a load condition in a combination equation.
Any thoughts?