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Out-of-plane wind - king stud design

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That's pretty much how we do things here in 100 mph
(3-sec) gust land... and connections at the top and
bottom of the king studs can be nasty.

d a v e  e v a n s 


>From a high wind low seismic point of view your
qualitative assessments
don't necessarily hold water because out of plane
loads are very real and
significant. In high wind you have a lateral load and
wall suction applied
simultaneously failure at the window area can
eliminate the effectiveness
of the shear wall on either side and cause a collapse.
So here  we
establish a discrete load path for a framed opening,
apply a value to the
load, and design the members for that stress. The
trib. areas include the
window also not just the area above the window. To me
if the load is
discernable then you have to put a value to it and
come up with
quantitative results. But again your prospective comes
from a whole
different type of load than mine does so things you
have to worry about I
don't and things I have to worry about you don't.

Does the "beam" of the Hardie frame require full
lateral bracing for the
values they give you?

Just my thoughts,

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