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Re: Garage load on composite deck + concrete

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"Steel Deck Institute Design Manual," SDI Pub. No. 30, says this about "Composite Deck Design Handbook:"
        - Standard properties tables for 1.5", 2", 3" composite deck with normal and light weight concrete - with and without beam studs - example problems covering concentrated loads.  This is publication No. CDD2.


the At 11:15 AM 4/30/2004 -0700, you wrote:

I was just presented a design (done by another) for a 2 composite deck with a concrete topping of 2 over the deck (4 total).  The deck and concrete system is supported by steel beams spaced at 6 o.c..  This design was for a residential garage.  I did preliminary calculations equating the moment from the allowable superimposed uniform loads (from the deck manufacturer) with the moment from a concentrated load as required by both the 2000 IBC (2000#) and the 2003 IBC (3000#) assuming that the load will act on a 1 wide section.  I found the deck system will not work.  What do others of you do?  It looks to me like the concrete thickness will have to be increased to where a reinforced slab thickness above the deck will be adequate by itself for flexure and shear.  On the other hand, one of the manufacturers I spoke with this morning suggested getting a copy of the Composite Steel Deck Design Handbook by SDI.  Will that be of help in this instance?   Of course this is an ASAP thing as construction is continuing and I don t have a copy.



Joe Grill


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