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ACI documents for public comment

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For those of you who complain about code provisions that are "forced" upon
you by "out of touch" code committees, here is your chance to potentially
influence the process.  There are several ACI documents open for public
comment.  ACI 530/MSJC (the masonry code) opens today through the end of
July for public comment.  Also, available is ACI 301 (structural concrete
spec), ACI 347 (guide to formwork for concrete), and ACI 355.2
(qualification of post-installed mechanical anchors in concrete).  And ACI
318 should be open for public comment rather soon (likely in the next
month or so).

Commenting on such documents is an easy way to be involved in the code
development process.  You don't have to pay money.  You don't have to
attend meetings.  All it takes is some time on your part to download, read
and submit comments.  So, if you want to truly be able to be part of the
process rather than just complain about it (i.e. be part of the solution
rather then the problem) is your chance.

FWIW, if you do want to comment, then I suggest that you offer
constructive comments with techincal backup.  Don't just say something
like "this new provision is stupid" or "we have been engineering it this
way for XX years, why change?  Where are the bodies?".  Otherwise, your
comments can too easily be "blown off" or ignored.  Also, don't fully
expect a comment to necessarily result in a change in the upcoming
edition.  Some comments raise issues that require more deliberation and
end up being addressed in the next cycle (but if you don't raise them at
all, then they NEVER get addressed).

If you are interested, then the public comment documents are available on
ACI's website (  There is a quick link to them on the
right side of the home page.

Also, keep in mind that the public comment period for ASCE 7-05 will be
coming up sometime soon.  There is a meeting for ASCE 7 later this month
and I believe that they are wrapping up the changes for the 05 edition.
So, the public comment period should be available sometime in the next
month or two.


Adrian, MI

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