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RE: Garage load on composite deck + concrete

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I would have responded earlier, but I went fishing this weekend with my son.  We stocked the freezer with trout. 


Back to the issue at hand, check out the NJB web site: for examples of concentrated loads on composite deck.  Also scroll through the various design data sheets at:


The one you want is Deck Design Data Sheet #33, “Concentrated Load Distribution”, on the NJB / United Steel Deck web site:


A lot of this stuff was also published in the AISC Modern Steel Construction. 


By the way, they were Rainbows.  One went 3.3 pounds, 18” long.  Naturally it was caught by my 11 year old son. 


Harold O. Sprague


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From: Joe Grill [mailto:jgrill(--nospam--at)]
Friday, April 30, 2004 1:16 PM
Subject: Garage load on composite deck + concrete


I was just presented a design (done by another) for a 2” composite deck with a concrete topping of 2” over the deck (4” total).  The deck and concrete system is supported by steel beams spaced at 6’ o.c..  This design was for a residential garage.  I did preliminary calculations equating the moment from the allowable superimposed uniform loads (from the deck manufacturer) with the moment from a concentrated load as required by both the 2000 IBC (2000#) and the 2003 IBC (3000#) assuming that the load will act on a 1’ wide section.  I found the deck system will not work.  What do others of you do?  It looks to me like the concrete thickness will have to be increased to where a reinforced slab thickness above the deck will be adequate by itself for flexure and shear.  On the other hand, one of the manufacturers I spoke with this morning suggested getting a copy of the “Composite Steel Deck Design Handbook” by SDI.  Will that be of help in this instance?   Of course this is an ASAP thing as construction is continuing and I don’t have a copy.



Joe Grill