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I am curious how many of you have been specifying Tracker color-coded nail systems for you shearwall and horizontal diaphragm nailing? I received information online from Trackers (manufactured Halsteel)  at . I think it is a good idea and found out that White Steel in my area carries their products or can special order the nails. Obviously, I see the advantage in structural observation of the shearwall panels when Trackers are used. They advertise a tight tolerance in the nail shank and a common head area to insure proper area contact and code compliance.
Please let me know (and others) how you go about specifying the Tracker system and if you have luck with contractors using what has been specified rather than substituting standard Common Nails. Also, are their any other sources of competitive systems that either color coat or mark the nail head for easy indentification as to the nail size and depth.
I did notice that both Simpson and USP connectors have Tracker colors listed in special pages of their catalogs for all nailed connectors.
I'm interested in your opinions and any feedback you received from the field.
Dennis S. Wish, PE