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Re: Steel Terminology

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Harold, Gail, Scott,
The pin-wheel isolation joint seems simple enough to use, so I guess its time to modify the block-out detail for steel columns.  It makes sense, basically converting the wide flange shape to a rectangular shape.  I haven't seen any one doing this for commercial office buildings, retail buildings, or other buildings with steel columns.  Then again, the slab-on-grade is generally just 4" thick and does't get the same attention as industrial concrete slabs-on-grade where slabs are 6" thicker and often have re-bar instead of gauge wire mesh. 
Is there a preference between using the pin-wheel detail or just adding the diagonal rebar at the re-entrant corners.  For the pin-wheel detail, since I don't have the ACI detail, I am assuming the crack control joints from the corners of the column only extend out a few feet and not from column to column.  Is that correct?.
Mike Cochran