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Square Steel Tube Column Got Damaged

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In a tilt-up type of building that was built in 1980 in Northern California, a square tube column HSS5x5x3/16 was bumped by some vehicle that crated a permanent measurable deflection of 1.5 inches from the ceiling level to the floor.

Floor to the top of the girder is about 17 feet height.  The girder above is 5.125"by30"glu-lam girder.  This column deflects along the same direction of the glu-lam girder. The columns are spaced at 53.5 feet and girders are spaced at 22.5 feet.

(15DL+12LL)*22.5*53.5 = 18.1 kip DL + 14.5 kip LL = 32.6 kips

AISC ASD Column Table has allowable P-load capacity (L=17ft) = 47 kips which takes out about 70% of column capacity.

If I take the P-delta into consideration the M = 48.9 kip-inch:

Sxx = 5.03 in^3, Bending stress to the HHS = 9.72 ksi which takes out about 35% of pure bending capacity.

This column is not a part of lateral-resisting-frame.

The column was probably design as pined-pined connection.


1. Should I consider P-delta?

2. Should it be pulled (jacked) back to a plumb position?

3. Should additional reinforcement be added on to this steel column?

What are you recommendations?


Sam Chang, SE

ps: I have many digital pictures of the condition.  I can e-mail it to you if you send me a request  at "szchang(--nospam--at)" .