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Re: Modeling the subgrade modulus in Staad

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>Is there any program that is particularly good for this type of modeling?
Soil structure interaction is about as non-linear and indeterminate as it 
gets. You could probably assume a conventional spring rate for the soil 
modulus, once everything has settled, but settling and seismic 
deformations including uplift resistance seem like anyone's guess. I once 
had some docs for a Corps of Engineers program used to characterize soils 
behavior for culvert design. If this were my problem I'd hit the Corps of 
Engineers web site and see what I could find. They may have some software 
to do it or at least some references or buzz words you could use to keep 
searching. try <> as well as Google. Scirus is 
aimed mainly at science and technology browsing.

I started to get into this with some buried tank designs, and it can get 
extremely complicated. I'm pretty much convinced that soil structure 
interaction isn't a lot more exact than predicting snowfall from the 
behavior of groundhogs.

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