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RE: Steel Terminology

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On Tue, 4 May 2004, Sprague, Harold O. wrote:

> Regardless, the pinwheel at the column bases at the CJ or EJ extend from
> column corner to column corner.  Any joint that just goes out a few feet
> will just create a stress riser.

...and a crack may likely "continue" CJ or EJ that you stopped just a few
feet from the column.  So, rather than a nice tooled joint that was
deliberately put in, you end up with a nice crack that undoubtedly someone
calls and complains about.

So, as Harold pointed out, you still run CJs (or EJs) from column to
column...they are just "offset" to the corner of the column and not on the
column centerline.

And FWIW, since all my experience is in office, educational, healthcare
(and very little industrial), this means that when I have used "pin-wheel"
joints, it generally has NOT been in industrial buildings.


Adrian, MI

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