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RE: Modeling the subgrade modulus in Staad

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>I think all we can do from a practical standpoint is trying to construct 
>some uppper & lower bound envelopes, understand the effects of different 
>variables involved, and try to "engineer" a practical solution
On the buried tank problem, I started running some FEA runs to mimic the 
so-called Iowa formula, which is commonly used for flexible wall tanks. 
It really wasn't all that easy for a variety of reasons and I didn't get 
too far along with it. The bounding approach is usually a pretty good way 
to bracket the efects of non-linearities. With a little tailoring and 
some thought about the physics of the specific problem is a good 
approach. It doesn't satisfy the purists, but unlike purists, the 
engineering biz has to avoid neurotic reactions to ambiguity. 

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