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Pile Cap Design

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   I have "Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook," ACI 317, 1951.  I could
email you the details for a 3-pile cap if you'd like.  Of course, the design
is based on 3 ksi concrete and 40 ksi steel.
John P. Riley
PS:  I'm probably one of the few monitoring this list that was alive in
1951.  Wasn't engineering, tho.


I have the "Handbook of Concrete Engineering" by "Mark Fintel" 2nd addition
that addresses the Pile Cap design along with example of mutil pile
arrangement application.
Let me know if you need me to fax the total of 5 pages to you.

Khashayar (Casey) Hemmatyar, P.E.

I am looking for a design reference that has more examples of pile cap
design than the CRSI Handbook.  An example of a 3-pile cap, specifically,
would be great.


Byron Benson
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