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Re: plan stamping website

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As Gail pointed out, it makes sense that General Counsel or even the
State Att. General's office would call.  Such offices will have the
lawyers that provide legal council to the board as well as deal with legal
cases for the board (especially if they are dealing with an unlicensed
individual as the board would have no direct recourse if the person is not
licensed...which is not the case here).  To my knowledge, all board
meetings will have a lawyer present (likely from the AG's or General
Council's office) when handling discipline hearings.


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 5 May 2004, Andrew Kester wrote:

> Well I must say that Pennsylvania must have took our complaints about that plan stamping website seriously. I am not sure how many of us sent in complaints, but it seems like they got plenty. I just recieved a letter notifying me that they are conducting in inquiry into the allegations, and that they have recieved my formal complaint. All I did was email them, then they responded asking for my name and address so they can file a formal complaint. I do not have the link to that website or I would check to see if it is still there.
> The weird thing is that the letter came not from the Board of Professional Engineers, but from the Govenor's Office of General Counsel, Department of State Legal Office...
> Andrew Kester, PE
> Longwood, FL

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