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Joints in Slab on Grade

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What are people's opinions on showing the joints (control and construction) on the slab plan?  In the past we have typically laid out a jointing plan with the construction joints marked.  We then allow the contractor to use control or construction joints for all other joints shown at his option.  After having a few problems with cracks in slabs, and desires by the contractors to change the layout, we are starting to re-examine our methods.  One idea is to not show any joints on the plan and let the contractor lay out his jointing plan with some guidelines for the layout in the notes.  I am wondering how many follow this practice?  I have seen plans in the past that follow this method and I am very curious how well they work.
On a side note is anyone having problems with the search engine for the archives.  Tried to use it and did not get any returns for anything I entered.  It has done this to me before but I just dismissed it.