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RE: plan stamping website

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In Missouri, there are 3 members from each profession (12 total members):
3 Engineers (we currently have one SE on the board)
3 Architects
3 Landscape Architects
3 Surveyors

Their respective professional society generates a recommended list of
candidates (for engineers it's the Missouri Society of Professional
Engineers - MSPE).  This recommendation list is sent to the governor, who
officially appoints the members of the board.

In addition to the 12 professional members, there is a public member and the
board chairperson, for a total of 14 voting members.

There are typically 2 or 3 non-voting members from the state Attorney's
General office to handle legal issues.

As I understand it, the board's legal authority consists of the ability to
suspend or revoke licenses and to write letters to offenders saying "don't
do that".  If the offender is not licensed, then the only recourse is to
write letters, and maybe issue a legal "cease and desist" order.

Of course, the USA is a tight of largely independent states, so every state
is different.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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> Could our US members clarify something for me please?  Do I
> understand correctly that your licensing boards use State
> government lawyers for their legal work?  Are your licensing
> bodies part of the State government?
> Sharlie Huffman, P.Eng.

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