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RE: Square Steel Tube Column Got Deflected/Damaged

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It looks like there is more of a bow in the column than a shift issue. However, I would go ahead and look at the top connection for any damage since it is easily accessible. Also, look around the column to concrete interface for a gap or any sign of repair to the concrete due to a column shift at the base.

I think most of the deflection is by bowing and not shifting but I didn't take the measurements. I get about a 30% overstress using ASD equation H1-1 with the loads you previously gave with a 1.5" BOW in the column (although it looks like it may be a little more than that above where you measured). I would probably see if there is anyone in your area that knows what they are doing and can heat the column and straighten it, or I would just reinforce on the sides of the column with plates for the length of deflection that causes overstress plus about 6" to 1'-0" past those points.

When you said floor to top of girder is 17', did you mean floor to bottom of girder =17' (girder continuous over column?).


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