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RE: plan stamping website

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On Thu, 6 May 2004, Jason W. Kilgore wrote:

> As I understand it, the board's legal authority consists of the ability to
> suspend or revoke licenses and to write letters to offenders saying "don't
> do that".  If the offender is not licensed, then the only recourse is to
> write letters, and maybe issue a legal "cease and desist" order.

And presumably they would be able to forward the names of non-licensed
people who are in violation of the licensing laws to either the local
prosecutor or state AG's office for prosecution (they _ARE_ breaking the
law).  Now, without a doubt, local prosecutor's and/or the AG's office
have higher priorities (i.e. prosecute someone who practices engineering
without a license or the guy who killed his wife and three kids?  Somehow
I don't see that as being a tough choice for anyone), so any such referred
cases likely don't go anywhere (unless, the unlicensed individual
practicing engineering designed something that then collapsed and killed
or seriously injured people).

But, the ultimate point remains the same...licensing boards don't have any
direct enforcement authority over unlicensed individuals, but they do over
licensed individuals (take away license, suspend license, fine individual,


Adrian, MI

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