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Re: discontinuous roof diaphragm at ridge

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There has been considerable discussion on this forum
about discontinuous roof diaphragms at ridges. 
Suggest searching the archive.

Also, under lateral loads perpendicular to a ridge,
diaphragm shears at the ridge act perpendicular to the
truss top chords.  The chords and ridge nail plate
*may* be able to carry the diaphragm shear across the
ridge joint via weak axis bending/shear, but I
wouldn't call that "drag strut" behavior.  

d a v e   e v a n s 

Andrew Kester wrote....

5. Do you see any problems with a discontinuous roof
diaphragm at the roof
peak because it was cut for ridge vent placement?

I think I remember a discussion on this list about
ridge vent cuts not
affecting the diaphragm, but our APA buddies can
probably chirp in about
that. One argument is at least in shear in the
diaphragm parallel to the
ridge, the theoretical shear in a rectangular roof
will be zero at the
middle (ridge). Perpendicular the truss top chords act
as drag struts to
carry the shear past the ridge. Just some thoughts...

Andrew Kester, PE

Longwood, FL

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