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RE: Prefab metal roof trusses???

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> From: hadiprawira djohan [mailto:hadiprawira(--nospam--at)] 
> I have been asked to design a large light gage metal structure.
> The contract do not include the design of the roof trusses,
> does anyone know any light gage metal roof trusses manufacturer
> that has a design table to choose from? 
> If I am not the design engineer for the roof trusses but I am
> using their standard design table, Is the manufacturer
> responsible for the design?
> As always, thank you for any of your input.

Let's try that response again.

Light gage metal trusses are, from an SEOR standpoint, basically the same as
plate connected wood trusses.  You specify basic parameters, including depth
and general configuration, based upon your design needs and the general
information provided in the manufacturer's design table.  If you have an
atypical configuration it would be advantageous to contact the truss
designer early and get their input.  Normally, they'll gladly help you for
free on the hope that they have a better shot at winning the final contract.

You then specify loads (wind, snow, lateral, etc.) on your plans and in the
specifications.  The manufacturer is responsible for designing each truss to
YOUR requirements.  This includes an engineer's seal, but only if you or the
governing jurisdiction require it.

Please note that typically, the manufacturer only designs a series of
trusses.  They do NOT design a complete roof system, including lateral
diaphragm capacity - that is the responsibility of the SEOR.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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