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Re: structural observation - it is not optional

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da wrote:

i'm working in 97 ubc country.  i thought structural observation and special
inspections were just part and parcel for every structural engineers regime.
i recently went to a meeting and a certain longstanding member of the
structural community (with his own firm) stated that his firm specifies
special inspection but does not do structural observation.  the main support
for this is the associated liability and his insurance company's
perspective.  when talking with a local building official after the meeting,
i got the idea that it is pretty much each engineer's prerogative whether to
provide structural observation or not.

Per CBC, structural observation is not optional for all buildings. Section 1702 requires structural observation under certail conditions in Seismic Zone 3 or 4, one being when Na >1.0, except for one and two storey R3, U, B,F,M & S occupancies..

Suresh Acharya, S.E.

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