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Re: Special inspection abuses, was (structural observation - history?)

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Ben Yousefi wrote:

Or, as we are getting ready to implement here, the jurisdiction could get involved in administrating the special inspection program.

We all have seen much abuse and inadequate enforcement in special inspection practice. So, Santa Monica is getting geared up for taking control of the special inspection program. We will hire the special inspectors ourselves, assign them to projects, and oversee the quality control of their working practices. The owner will deposit a certain percentage of the construction cost at the beginning of the project and we will deduct the actual cost of the inspection from it as construction progresses.
Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

When I ask contractors and owners, I find that these "special" inspectors spend just 15 minutes and charge $500+. They spend more time printing the letter than actually doing inspection. Policy of juridictions is also partly to blame. Epoxy anchor installation is a popular item -- whenever they see a word "epoxy" on plan, they say they require special inspections. City inspectors can do better inspections that these outside "special" inspectors, if it does not require special equipment or knowledge, and it is financially less burdensome to the homeowners. Also, it does not make sense having a "special-inspected" anchors while the contractor misses the whole shear clips or boundary nailing, or the holdowns are not plumb. There is nobody except the design engineer (in case he is asked for observations as required by his notes, and if the architect is willing to pay), or the city inspectors to catch these mistakes.

I see the main problem is due to the framers or subs not being well educated to understand the drawings, regardless of how big the general contractor is, or how well the drawings are detailed. I do not blame these framers - some do not even speak English. There is no subsitute for design engineer's observation to maintain overall quality control. I do not believe the overall quality control can be achieved by the special inspection program alone whether done by the city hired people or outside people.

Suresh Acharya, S.E.

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