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Re: Allowable shear capacity of nails

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Obviously, "typical common nail" is a misnomer.  The actual
capacity depends on the nail diameter and, in practice, the
materials which the nail is joining.  The material specification
is in ASTM F1667, I believe.  I may be mistaken about that.

Fernando Fonseca at BYU did some research on cyclic capacity of
nailed, screwed, and stapled connections (OSB over DF, if I
recall correctly) for CUREE.  The data is available for purchase
in publication W-16 from CUREE's website,
It comes with a fairly-slick Excel database app for looking-up
your desired cyclic fastener model parameters.

As far as code values, John Tissel's work in APA Report 154
references Table 12.3(b) of the 1991 NDS.  You might try a
similar location for the current NDS.


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