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Re: Special inspection abuses, was (structural observation -history?)

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I find your coments to be very thought prevoking.

First you state that Special inspectors " may know a lot more about actual
construction practices than a design engineer does."   The problem is that
common construction practices are not always good practice and it may not
be what has been specified by the engineer.  

You stated:  "..., In regard to the cost, we still haven't determined what
is the best way to do this. It's still under consideration. However, the
fact of the matter is whether they will be our own employees or hired
consultants, at the end of the day, they will be accountable to us and will
be supervised by us."

With the inspectors selected folowing government procurement laws you may
not have much control over the inspectors as long as they give a low bid. 
If the inspectors are government employees we may find that the testing and
inspection costs will grow to cover all of the government benifets.

It is not clear how your system will have the flexibility to deal with
significant variations in work load.  What happens when inspectors cannot
get there in time and construction comes to a halt?  Will your agency
become responsible for costs of the delays?  How does the Owner get a more
responsive inspector.

What happens when one of your special inspectors oversteps his authority
and tells a contractor to stop work?  If this happens you could find
yourselves in the middle of some heavy litigation.

As a government body your involvement will be limited to the special
inspection requiried by the building code.  What will happen when the
Architect or Engineer has specified more extensive tests and inspections?

I wonder have people thought how this will change the involvement of the
building department in the construction process?  

Mark Gilligan


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