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Re: Pushover

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> In fact, bi-linear model will pop members free suddenly when tangent modulus
>  changes at the kink from a finite value to zero.  
Speaking only for what I know about ANSYS, using a zero tangent modulus 
is usually asking for trouble with numerical instability. A good first 
start is to take the tangent modulus as about 10% of the elastic modulus 
to avoid exactly what you're talking about. If you get nervous about not 
having convergence to 4 significant figures you can do convergence 
studies from there. My own opinion is that anyone who thinks he can 
analyze real structures to an accuracy of 4 significant figures is 

What didn't you understand? Should I be writing louder? 

> Isn't it a shortcoming of bilinear material assumption? Tangent modulus
>  has just two values unlike real world situation.  
It's the same assumption as the usual elastic/perfectly plastic limit 
analysis approach that has always been assumed for steel. You can use any 
material model you like but the effect is usually to complicate matters 

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