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Re: Latest Building Seismic Codes

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I would suggest obtaining FEMA 368/369 (2000 NEHRP Provisions).  These
documents are the "basis" for the seismic provisions that are in the 2003
IBC.  FEMA 368 are the actually provisions (psuedo code language) while
FEMA 369 is the commentary (and explains much of the intent/background to
varying degrees of success...sometimes the commentary is not updated as
quickly as the code/provisions).

You can also get your hands on the 2003 NEHRP Provisions either soon or
maybe even now (don't know if they are published yet or not, so don't know
the FEMA publication number).

Of course, if you are going to practice in California, then the latest
NEHRP Provisions won't help too much in understanding/applying code
provisions as California still uses the 1997 UBC as the prime basis for
the their code.  While much of the basis theory is common, the practical
application can differ by quite a lot in some areas between the NEHRP/IBC
code provisions and the UBC code provisions.

For making use the UBC code provisions, the SEAOC Bluebook is a good
publication.  It is in essence the basis of the seismic provisions in the
UBC (although, I believe newer versions are more inline with the NEHRP/IBC
seismic...but could be wrong).

You might also take a look at the Seismic Design manuals sold through the
ICC website.  There are versions that deal with the 1997 UBC as well as
teh 2000 IBC.


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 10 May 2004, refugio rochin wrote:

> Good Day,
> I'm an engineer in New Mexico, moving to California soon, and I'm trying to catch myself up to speed on seismic knowledge.  I've been investigating, looking for the latest research on concrete and steel buildings, and their performance in quakes.  What has seemed to be the consensus, is that the Seismic Design Handbook by Farzad Naeim has most of the latest information in a condensed form for most materials.  Some previous articles have included ATC-40 and FEMA 273, but I am wondering if those are somewhat outdated.  I can't seem to find anymore information regarding the most recent structures tests, besides ASCE 2002 issue on steel structures and FEMA 350-355.  I do have a copy of Paulay and Priestley Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings, but even that was written before Northridge.  Could someone suggest the best materials to update my knowledge?
> Refugio Rochin, MS, EIT

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