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Military Loads

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I’m trying to load-rate a damaged private bridge, and the owner is requiring Military ratings in addition to AASHTO H and HS truck ratings.   I’ve finished the rating for the AASHTO trucks (inventory, operating, and posting ratings), but I”ve never done anything with military loads.  The only thing AASHTO mentions is the “Alternate” military load (2-24,000 lb. axles 4’-0” apart).


The previous ratings include notations like:

Military Rating

One Way Traffic:  12W / 16T

Two Way Traffic:  12W / 16T


None of the bridge design engineers I’ve asked know what this is.  I’ve browsed around the USACE, Army, and Air Force engineering web sites and haven’t managed to find anything useful.


I understand the “One-Way” vs. “Two-Way”; this particular bridge is an old one lane structure, which explains why the one-way and two-way ratings are the same.  Also, I think I’ve established that the “W” stands for “Wheel” and the “T” stands for “Truck” (possibly “Tank”, but I don’t think so).  Unfortunately, I don’t know what the different requirements are for the Wheel and Truck loads.


Can anyone out there shed some light on military load postings?  Or better yet, let me know where to download/purchase the right design manual?


Thanks in advance,



Jason Kilgore

Leigh & O'Kane, LLC

Kansas City, Missouri