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Re: Special inspection abuses, was (structuralobservation-history?)

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I agree with Paul that the Special inspector is there to look after the
Owners interests and as part of that,he reports the findings to the
Building Official to allow the Owner to obtain a certificate of occupancy. 
 In support of this you only need to follow the money.  The Special
Inspector is hired and paid for by the Owner and as such he owes his
primary duty to the Owner.  This is well established in law.   Since
special inspection was set up as being provided by the Owner it is clear
that it was for the benifet of the Owner.

I believe that Paul's research will find that the special inspection
provisions were developed by a SEOC comittee, either the Seismology or
Building Code Committee, and then were submitted as a code change proposal.
  The trick is to find one of the people who helped develop the provisions
or to find from ICC who submitted the code change proposal to ICBO.  

A lot of people mistakenly have the impression that the SEOR is responsible
for the completed project and has contol to make it happen.  The reality is
that the SEOR is responsible for performing his work in accordance with the
normal standard of care and to act responsibly as the Owners agent to the
extent empowered by the Owner.  The SEOR's actual control over the project
can be quite minimal if he does not have the support from the Owner,
especially if he is a sub-consultant to an Architect.  Ultimately it is the
building owner that the Building Official needs to look to for code
compliance.  A lot of the QA code provisions were established as a way to
convince the Owner that he needs a design professional involved during

Mark Gilligan

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