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Re: Pushover

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My posts were based on the difficulties I experienced in extending the push-over analysis software that I wrote for steel structures (using what else but, a bi-linear model), to concrete structures.

Commercially speaking, it would have been better to let the world believe that bi-linear model for concrete is okay.

But then there is more to life than pushover analysis and commercial propriety.



>Bi-linear is not necessarily elastic-perfectly plastic.
>It just requires that there be two slopes, not that the second one be zero.

Yield plateau and strain hardening parts of a tri-linear model are sometimes merged to get a bi-linear approximation. It is possible that load controlled limit will be missed with this model though deflection controlled limit will be more or less correct. This is my guess.

>In fact, one might better refer to that process as the creation of multiple locally-linear models.

I agree.

Rudra Nevatia
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