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Since I have some experience with ABAQUS, ANSYS, and PATRAN for the nonlinear materials, I can tell about my experience about nonlinear analysis at least within these programs.

First, the stress-strain relation in the program, you need to use true stress and true strain not the engineering stress and strain. It is easy to find the relationship between these in the basic elasticity or plasticity text books or in the manuals of those programs.

Second, the analysis should be controlled by displacement not by load. The load-controlled analysis can not be converged in most cases. Since the lab test is also controlled by the displacement after nominal yield capacity or after yielding occurs, the displacement controlled analysis can be more resembles the test. I cannot explain how to apply the displacement on the model but it should be on the manual of the software.

Finally, you may try OPENSEES which is free software since it is free.

Good Luck

Chung-Soo Doo


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