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Shearwall Blocking Requirements for Metal Studs w/ a Plywood Diaphragm...

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Solid blocking at the panel edges were shown in the contract documents and were required to attain the design loads imparted into the shearwall.  This blocking was not installed and the question has be raised if a 12 gauge strap could be placed over the panel edges with #10 TEK screws at 6" on center would satisfy the blocking requirement.  U-Channel is already placed in the perimeter wall, so the blocking is only required for the shearwall load.  
Does the blocking have to be attached to the metal studs or can a piece of 2x be used between the studs and attached per the design documents?  

Can a metal strap be placed over the panel edge to attain the "blocking" requirement which is basically making the plywood diaphragm act as one large piece?


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