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Re: Shearwall Blocking Requirements for Metal Studs w/ a Plywood Diaphragm...

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In a message dated 5/12/2004 6:37:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, dboltz(--nospam--at) writes:

1.Does the blocking have to be attached to the metal studs or can a piece of 2x be used between the studs and attached per the design documents? 

2.Can a metal strap be placed over the panel edge to attain the "blocking" requirement which is basically making the plywood diaphragm act as one large piece?

1. Maybe yes depends upon if detail is in design documents.

2. Over which panel edge roof or wall ? Both would be no unless blocing is installed.

Contractor did not want to do the harder part of building the wall?

Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA