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Re: Notice to Candidates of the SE Exam

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Hi Bill:

Good idea and very practical (exam being less specific to codes) but I guess
it is very tough to implement.  One of the main reasons this (NCEES SEII and
CASE) came into effect was due to the constant complaining from engineers
from other states - they could not pass the old CA SE exam and wanted to
make it easier for comity.  It is supposed to have gone to the state
legislature - the state now want to make outsourcing (oops! I said the "O"
word) to other states easier.

Even though this format is highly complex to CA engineers, it helps in a
way - the exam (16hrs) can now be passed in parts :)

Probably the complexity and use of IBC in a CA board exam could be used as a
valid defense to change the next big one to IBC instead of the NFPA.

Aswin Rangaswamy, P.E.
Cypress, CA

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Ben -

O.K., so why not base the exam based on ASCE-7, NDS, ACI, AISC, etc.

As far as being 'best prepared', even IF we adopt IBC, it won't be the 2000
flavor. So, who can say they will be better prepared, particularly if they
are still working with the CBC until, gulp, 2007? That's like teaching
someone LRFD Steel in school only to find out they will be working for an
Old Dog (tm) who only knows ASD. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

IMO, the test should be less specific to "Applicable Building Code" and more
specific to the root material and load guidelines as long as code issues are
up in the air.

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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:Subject: RE: Notice to Candidates of the SE Exam
:Asking California engineers to take the exam based on the IBC, may sound
:like an exercise in futility. However, since the IBC provisions for wind
:and seismic design are very similar to the ASCE 7. When (a big when!) we
:adopt the next code, regardless of whether it's IBC or NFPA, we will be
:using essentially the same material that the exam is based on. So, those
:engineers who take the exam from now on, will actually be best prepared for
:the upcoming code change.
:Ben Yousefi, SE
:Santa Monica, CA

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