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RE: Notice to Candidates of the SE Exam

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Aswin -

Pass in parts? Are you kidding me? Now anybody can pass it!

Isn't that why there are so many architects?


I guess I'm no longer sympathetic for those having to study multiple codes,
some of which may or may not become an Applicable Building Code.

Next you're gonna tell me it's a multiple choice test.'re not going to bait me regarding complaining engineers from other

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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:Subject: Re: Notice to Candidates of the SE Exam
:Hi Bill:
:Good idea and very practical (exam being less specific to codes) but I
:it is very tough to implement.  One of the main reasons this (NCEES SEII
:CASE) came into effect was due to the constant complaining from engineers
:from other states - they could not pass the old CA SE exam and wanted to
:make it easier for comity.  It is supposed to have gone to the state
:legislature - the state now want to make outsourcing (oops! I said the "O"
:word) to other states easier.
:Even though this format is highly complex to CA engineers, it helps in a
:way - the exam (16hrs) can now be passed in parts :)
:Probably the complexity and use of IBC in a CA board exam could be used as
:valid defense to change the next big one to IBC instead of the NFPA.
:Aswin Rangaswamy, P.E.
:Cypress, CA

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