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Paris, France building code

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Okay, I've googled on just about every term I can think of to no avail. There doesn't appear to be an EU-wide code yet (2007, IIRC, is the earliest date I found for a proposed building code). Is there / what is the reference code for design of structures in France, specifically around Paris.

I've been asked to do some preliminary work for a domestic US fabrication plant for a small commerce building (3900SF/370m2). FWIW, it's a cold formed steel structure with a cast-in-place one way concrete joist roof (possibly, roof trusses are still in play). I have been given specific values for live gravity loads, but I would be guessing for wind/seismic equivalents. Also, are ACI/AISI/AISC design guideline sufficient/comparale to the european/French equivalents.

I'm not too worried about exact designs. This is for material and general design estimation, so I'm looking for a "best fit" to US methods - I'll take +/- 20% for this phase. A local professional will be required to provide final analysis of the structure.

A second follow on question: What are the common rebar sizes in France (& the EU in general)? "Metric" here in the states means specifying 10/13/16/19 mm rebar (#3,4,5,6), but I have worked with an Ontario fabricator who uses 10mm/15mm/20mm bars.

Thanks in advance,

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