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Allowable shear capacity of nails

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Title: Allowable shear capacity of nails

There is a new table in Appendix I of the 2001 NDS(r) that lists Fyb values for fasteners, including common nails. Here's the pertinent info:

Common, box, or sinker nail, spike, lag screw, wood
screw (low to medium carbon steel)

0.099" ≤ D ≤ 0.142" 100,000psi
0.142" < D ≤ 0.177" 90,000psi
0.177" < D ≤ 0.236" 80,000psi
0.236" < D ≤ 0.273" 70,000psi
0.273" < D ≤ 0.344" 60,000psi
0.344" < D ≤ 0.375" 45,000psi



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Subject: Allowable shear capacity of nails
What is the allowable shear capacity of a typical common nail or how may it be determined? Also, what are the typical Fy and Fu values for nails? Reference? The NDS lists Fyb values and the 1997 NDS Appendix I section I.4 states "Recent research indicates that Fyb for bolts is approximately equivalent to the average of bolt tensile yield strength and bolt tensile ultimate strength, Fyb = Fy/2 + Fu/2."