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Re: building codes

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Not be a wise a$$ (OK, so maybe I want to), but by the definition that you
cite one could argue that the IBC is not a code either as it is not a
legal document until a jurisdiction adopts it.

Another point to belabor, is that when something like ACI gets adopted by
a local jurisdiction such as New York city or adopted by a model building
code that then gets adopted by a jurisdiction, then it (the ACI document)
becomes a legal document.  Thus, would it not be a code at that point (but
not before)?

Sorry, the lawyer in me just had to escape.


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 13 May 2004 GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Building codes are a little like caterpillars.  If you are far enough away,
> you can see that the caterpillar is in fact moving up the tree.  If you look
> at it closely though,  you see that some parts are going up, some parts are
> going down, and a lot of parts are going sideways.
> It is not strictly true that everything referenced by the model building
> codes is a consensus standard (where consensus is loosely taken to mean something
> that some group of people is allowed to vote on.)
> For example, the IBC and UBC reference the PTI Slab on Ground manual.  This
> is not a consensus standard,  and in fact is not even a standard.  It is kind
> of a jumble of confusingly written information about soils, some design
> examples, and recommendations to water your lawn.
> And as a point of trivia,  despite the name 'ACI 318 Building Code
> Requirements for Structural Concrete', ACI 318 is not a code, it is a standard.  A code
> is a legal document, a standard is not.  A standard acquires legal authority
> when it is adopted by a code.
> A standard like ACI 318 can be adopted directly by the code of a particular
> jurisdiction,  for example the city of New York Code.  Or it can be adopted by
> a model code like the IBC which is then adopted by a particular state.
> Gail Kelley

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