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Re: Paris, France building code

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Jordan -

I believe France uses the Eurocode, which began the process of
normalization across the EU in 1990, although as you pointed out,
it isn't quite universal (yet).  Based on what I've garnered from
the various french-language websites I've seen, the only code
referenced is the Eurocode.  However, one site made reference to
efforts to convert France to the "European standard", by which I
assume they mean Eurocode.

I tried the French National Council of Engineers and Scientists, but
their civil engineering webpage seems broken (I got raw HTML instead of
a page).

The chairman of their Civil Engineering committee is
Jean Berthier (j.berthier(--nospam--at)  He might be able to give you some direction.

You might try contacting someone with the British Institute for
Civil Engineers:

and asking what they know about the adoption status in France.


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