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m-values for shear-friction and anchorage to concrete

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In the context of performance-based seismic design,
should shear-friction be considered a
deformation-controlled (D-C) or force-controlled (F-C)
action?  If D-C, what m-values would be appropriate to

Along the same lines, should anchorages to concrete
using headed studs or anchor rods be considered D-C or
F-C?  I imagine the answer depends on embedment to
diameter ratio, edge distances, quanitity of
reinforcement, etc. etc. etc.  If D-C, what m-values
are appropriate?

I don't see any such values in FEMA 274/356 nor ASCE
31.  Got any references on the subject (human, paper,
or electronic)?

t h a n k s,

d a v e   e v a n s

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