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Concentrated load on composite deck

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A couple of weeks ago I ask a question regarding concentrated loads on composite deck with concrete topping.  Thanks to all who replied.  I had to make a decision quickly and I’m sure I did the right thing with the time I had.


Anyway, (because of those conversations) I just received my copy of the “Composite Deck Design Handbook” published by SDI.  I wish I had had it when I needed it before, but I still have a question.  In the example for concentrated loads the values for phiVnt is used to check shear from the concentrated loads.  This is the sum of the concrete allowable shear and that of the deck.  But, I had talked to an engineer with one of the deck manufacturers and he told me to not use the shear value for the deck in determining the allowable shear.  He said to work backwards from the tables giving the allowable uniform loads finding the associated shear with that load and use that value for the shear capacity.  He said  otherwise shear bond may be exceeded.  Was he being overly conservative? 




Joe Grill