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Re: metal stud blocking

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As I  understand it panels in a shear wall fail by out of plane buckling at
the edge, the nails inhibit this buckling (along with shear transfer) I
don't see that the metal strap could be reliable to restrain the buckling.
Breyer's book has a photo of a failed panel in the Horizontal Diaphragm
section (Ch 9 2nd ed).

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Subject: metal stud blocking

If you are designing a metal stud shear wall that requires blocking, if you
instead used a flat strap of equal gauge to the blocking you were going to
use, is that not accomplishing the exact same thing? I would think that
whatever the table/chart you are using says for blocking and screw
attachment you could do the exact same thing with a flat strap. I guess you
would want to make sure it was wide enough to accomodate screws at both
edges without shear of the strap becoming an issue.

Roger- I did not understand your comment about why the metal strap at
plywood edges with wood blocking is not such a good idea. Could you expound
on that a little??

Andrew kester, PE

  Longwood, FL  32750

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