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AutoCad ADT 2005

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I have found the new version of AutoCad ADT 2005 to be an excellent tool and a way for engineers to work in 3D more easily by overcoming the past difficulties that existed in previous version of AutoCad. With this said, I have some problems that I can’t resolve in their documentation;

1. I’ve created a custom detail sheet for various sizes I work in (24x36, 30x42 etc.)

2. I have created my basic constructs without text and added the text to the View drawings OR, if copying an existing detail from old blocks, I convert the block to a view.

3. Finally, I insert or drag the views into a new Detail Plot sheet in Paper space.


  1. The question is how to create a detail library or to convert and existing one.
  2. Prior to 2004 I used ADT2 and set up multiple Paperspace layouts in from a series of model views (the text and dimensions were added in Paperspace). What is the best or easiest way to convert these paperspace details to individual views that will allow me to drag them into a Plot sheet and rescale the text and dimensions to be the same plot size (3/32” text uniformly for example)?
  3. Finally, are their any better online resources other than AutoCad forums to receive answers to these type of questions?


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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