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Re: m-values for shear-friction and anchorage to concrete

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At 12:35 PM 5/13/2004 -0700, you wrote:
In the context of performance-based seismic design,
should shear-friction be considered a
deformation-controlled (D-C) or force-controlled (F-C)
action?  If D-C, what m-values would be appropriate to

IMO, if the interface between the joint is dowel with reinforcing
bars with code required embedment. I would use (D-C). 
m = 2.5 for shear capacity.

However, if concrete anchors (inserts) are installed to add on a new
wall, (F-C) may be required.

Check the capacity of dowels with ACI 318 Appendix D.  Low edge
distance can give you results that are really low capacity.  (Shear friction
needs good tension capacity from your dowels.)


Along the same lines, should anchorages to concrete
using headed studs or anchor rods be considered D-C or
F-C?  I imagine the answer depends on embedment to
diameter ratio, edge distances, quanitity of
reinforcement, etc. etc. etc.  If D-C, what m-values
are appropriate?

I don't see any such values in FEMA 274/356 nor ASCE
31.  Got any references on the subject (human, paper,
or electronic)?

t h a n k s,

d a v e   e v a n s

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