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Re: wind loads for small windows

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Component and Cladding.  The lower value is for the MWFRS (main windforce resisting system, i.e. building braces / shearwalls) and cen be thought of as an overall average force.

C&C loads will vary in relation to the location on the building (amplified at corners), and size of the member, to account for gusts and local effects.  Yes, C&C  is what you want for your window loads for wind, though it won't cover flying debris, of course.


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Subject:  wind loads for small windows
I'm an EE, building a house in a hurricane zone; and I'm trying to figure out how to calculate wind pressure/loads on small windows from 3 ft2 to 16 ft2.  I have two formulas given me by associates (an ME and a CE) which yield values within 20% of each other; however, the values determined by Mexican code are about half these numbers.  After reading Scott Maxwell's Jan., 03 message, I'm guessing the mexican code calculation is the average wind loading for a wall, and that I should use the C&C calculation for small windows.  Unfortunately, as a lowly electrical type, I haven't a clue as to what "C&C" is.  Could someone please enlighten me?  Thank you.
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